Q: Where can I bring my child to attend a My First Yoga class? 

A: MFY runs classes at schools and private organizations. Many of our clients limit registration to affiliated students and members. 

Q: How can I practice My First Yoga at home with my child?


A: MFY sells books, ebooks as well as a mobile app that geared towards helping parents and teachers bring yoga to children. Learn more about our products on our store <link to Store page> page.


Q: Is my child the right age for yoga?


A: MFY offers programs for young children, infant through school age. Our classes are geared toward the capabilities and interests of the age group represented. Learn more about our programs for students.


Q: Can I become a My First Yoga instructor?


A: MFY offers both educator classes and instructor training workshops for individuals interested in teaching yoga to children.


Q: How can I bring My First Yoga to my school/organization?


A: We encourage you to browse through the list of enrichment programs we offer. When you have identified the offering that best suits you, please contact us to discuss your specific programming and schedule needs.


Q: Does My First Yoga teach special needs children? 


A: Yes! Yoga is a great activity for children of all ages and abilities including those with special needs.  In fact, many pediatricians and medical/health specialists highly recommend yoga for young patients.


Q: Does My First Yoga offer adult classes?


A: Yes. Please follow our link to view our available educator programs.


Q: Is yoga a religion?


A: No. While many people associate yoga with the Hindu faith because it originated in India, nothing about the practice is specifically religious. Yoga means “union,” which refers to the joining of the mind and body, and has been used for thousands of years as a way to exercise, relax, and rejuvenate. During My First Yoga classes, we are mindful of universal values such as honesty and respect that appeal to people of all faiths and backgrounds.